Homeowner’s Association

The Hills at Charlesworth Homeowners’ Association is a non-profit association responsible for additional maintenance of enhanced amenities within the community. The Hills at Charlesworth Homeowners’ Association is entitled to collect annual membership fees and all homeowners are automatically members of the association.

What are the responsibilities of the Homeowners’ Association?

The Hills at Charlesworth Homeowners’ Association upholds the image of the development and works to preserve the investment of every home in this innovative subdivision.

The Homeowners’ Association is responsible for the maintenance of the following enhanced amenities: repurposed sea can containers, solar powered wifi, rain arbour structure including cistern, the community gardens, rain gardens, and the seasonal maintenance (October 1 – April 1) of the 200m ice ribbon. The Ice Ribbon requires seasonal winter maintenance which is not limited to the initial flooding of the designated skating area, periodic flooding over the winter months as needed, ongoing snow clearing of the ribbon and safe access from seating area(s) to the skating area.

In addition, the Homeowners’ Association will be responsible for all utilities associated with flooding the ice ribbon, along with lighting of the entrance features and decorative lighting within the plaza over the winter months. Decorative lighting within the plaza will be at the discretion of The Hills at Charlesworth Homeowners’ Association.

Contact the management group: Core Real Estate.

Who maintains sidewalks, boulevards and streets?

Residents are responsible to care for the boulevards, alley and driveway crossings adjacent to their property. This includes cutting the grass and shovelling the sidewalk of snow.

If you have any questions or complaints about sidewalks, boulevards or streets please contact the City of Edmonton by calling 311.