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About Cantiro

On October 1, 2020, the Beaverbrook Group of Companies (Dolce Vita, MODA, InHouse, Beaverbrook Communities, Beaverbrook Commercial) came together under one new exciting brand.

As Cantiro, we leverage all parts of our award-winning, integrated real estate company to accelerate our growth and continue to deliver amazing homes, communities, commercial properties, investment opportunities and residential rental projects.

(pronounced ‘Can-Tee-Ro’)
  • Over the last 25 years, the different divisions of Beaverbrook Group of Companies have been known separately under different names. As time went on, we found that our customers and business partners often did not realize that our company had other divisions or understand our full capabilities as a multifaceted real estate company.

    Coming together under the Cantiro name, means we can work closer together to continue creating amazing homes and communities for our homeowners.

    For more details, see our blog post.

  • (formerly Dolce Vita Homes & MODA Townhomes)

    (formerly Beaverbrook Communities)

    (formerly Beaverbrook Commercial)

    (formerly InHouse including CX)

  • The story behind “Cantiro” is simple. It combines the names of our founder, George Cantalini, and his mentor, Tony Cairo.

    George and Tony met in 1990. They shared the experience of growing up in immigrant families. Both had an entrepreneurial spirit and the values of hard work, tenacity and honesty. They shared a love of real estate and the dream of building something big for the future.

    It was Tony who encouraged George to break out on his own to salvage the projects Tridel had in the Edmonton area. In 1995, Tony and George believed in the Edmonton market despite all economic odds.

    This belief in the potential of a project and the idea of never giving up is what drove their early and continued success. These values and that spirit of entrepreneurship remain fundamental to our company today.

  • Our purpose is why we do what we do.

    We create the environments for amazing lives to happen.

    It drives every decision.

    When we’re building homes, developing communities, planning commercial areas, and creating investment opportunities, our purpose is our north star. If what we’re doing doesn’t align with it, we shouldn’t be doing it.

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  • Our mantra captures the “essence” or the “soul” of what we do and how we do it.

    Always challenging the acceptable.

    It’s how Cantiro is different and why our customers choose us. It’s a value statement that is true across all our lines of business.

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  • We are shaped by four distinct values:

    INNOVATIVE – We are inspired by the best in the world. From the smallest decision to the largest, we always look for the best path forward. Nothing is overlooked—and we don’t let any barrier stop us from leading the way. There is always a better way, so we constantly ask, “what’s next?”, “how do we make this better?”, “what problem can we solve?”

    ENTREPRENEURIAL – We lead the way and never follow, constantly seeking out new and greater opportunities. We have a strong business sense and never stop pursuing growth.

    PASSIONATE – We bring our all every day. We are dedicated and energetic, with a drive towards reaching our goals. We live to deliver for our customers and investors— and we’re here because we truly enjoy what we do.

    DOING THE RIGHT THING – We are committed to improving lives for today and tomorrow. Our customers and investors can always trust us to do the right thing. No matter what, we treat everyone the way we want to be treated: like family.

  • The progressive bolding of the letterforms illustrates growth and momentum, inspired by our passion for innovation and always challenging the acceptable. Our typography, colours, graphic patterns, and lighting all reflect these core ideas expressed by our logo.

    Our tagline brings our purpose to life for our customers. Amazing is our standard. Whether they own one of our homes, live in one of our communities, or spend time at our commercial developments, we’re promising our customers a better life. And we can live up to that promise.

Our History

  • George Cantalini purchased Beaverbrook from his former employer. Tony Cairo, George’s friend and mentor, helped guide the business forward.

  • In partnership with the City of Spruce Grove, we developed Spruce Village and helped to retain a large tree stand, which became the hallmark of the 60 acre Jubilee Park.

  • We were key players in the Windermere Area Structure Plan and developed Windermere Ridge one of Edmonton’s most prestigious collections of estate homes.

  • Sadly, Tony Cairo passed away at the young age of 58. His son Ben, also a real estate lawyer, is still an integral partner to our organization.

  • Jodie Wacko led the innovative development of Stonecreek in Fort McMurray.

    Dolce Vita Homes was established, led by Stewart McAndrews and Maurizio Naccarato.

  • We acquired Centrex Homes and went on to win the J.D. Power Builder of Excellence award from 2010-2012.

  • We developed Greenbury in Spruce Grove to raise the bar on sustainability in community development and home building.

  • ONE at Windermere launches introducing modern architectural themes to SW Edmonton.

  • InHouse, our multi-family infill division lead by Ryan Smith, is launched.

    West Block is rescued from foreclosure with another developer and becomes our first InHouse project.

  • Beaverbrook Wellness Centre, a project in partnership with the City of Spruce Grove, the Province of Alberta, Parkland School Division, and the YMCA of Northern Alberta, is launched in Spruce Grove.

  • Beaverbrook Commercial division is launched, led by Jodie Wacko and The Hills wins CHBA’s Best New Community (winning again in 2022 & 2023). 

  • ONE at Keswick is a Finalist for CHBA’s Best New Community and MODA Townhomes are launched

  • During the Covid pandemic, we created additional digital methods and Self-Guided Tours to better serve our customers and Beaverbrook Group of Companies, and all its divisions, come together as Cantiro

    The Hills at Charlesworth leads the way for sustainable communities and is recognized with the highest global honour, winning the Royal Town Planning Institute International Award for Planning Excellence.

  • A year of immense growth, launching The Cantiro Life Collection, Three-Storey home models, CX Rentals, and The Drive sells out, capping off Cantiro’s legacy in Windermere development.

  • Cantiro expands it’s offerings across the country with inaugural projects launching in BC and Ontario.

    Cantiro celebrates a great year at the CHBA Edmonton Awards, winning CHBA Multi-Family Builder of the Year (2nd year) and Best Apartment Building for West Block (3rd year).

  • Cantiro wins big a the CHBA Edmonton Awards earning CHBA Builder of the Year, Single Family Builder of the Year, Multi Family Builder of the year, Industry Leadership, Best Community, Best Multi-Family Project, Best Net Zero Home and more, with a total of 16 award wins across Development, Single Family, Multi-Family and Advertising categories.

    An additional 17 Cantiro entries were recognized as finalists in their categories.

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