Architectural Guidelines – The Hills

A Modern Twist on Traditional Architecture

The Hills at Charlesworth is envisioned as an innovative and sustainable community that will portray a distinct character and sense of place.

This vision will incorporate sustainability and environmentally friendly elements throughout the community and anchored by the highly prominent Sustainability Plaza. This plaza will serve as a gathering place for residents and promote progressive green living concepts. It will include innovative green concepts such as solar powered Wi-Fi, residential wind turbine, rain harvesting and a 200m ice ribbon in winter.

The concept for the architecture in The Hills is to present traditional architecture with much more modern elements. The architectural character found throughout The Hills at Charlesworth will ensure that the community presents a progressive and unique persona. The exterior of all homes will be finished in strong dark colours with interesting and vibrant contrasting trims or elements of interest. The overall atmosphere will be one of captivating warmth and striking interest.

Download our Architectural Guidelines below.