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This comprehensive FAQ page, is designed to be your go-to resource for all things related to shopping, building, living and investing in your Cantiro home. Whether you’re exploring available models and floor plans, navigating the home buying process, or delving into the construction phase, our FAQ section is here to guide you every step of the way.

Discover insights on customization options, financing, and community highlights, along with valuable information on maintaining your home and exploring investment opportunities. We’ve curated essential details to ensure you have a seamless and informed experience. Feel free to explore the categories, utilize the search function, and stay updated on the latest information for a smooth homeownership journey with Cantiro Homes.


  • When you buy a home, the first question that comes to everyone’s mind is ‘When can I move in”? With our quick possession homes guide, we have the answer for you. If you’re eager to move into your new home, we offer a range of options to suit your timeline and preferences. For an immediate move, explore our “Move-In Ready Quick Possession” homes available in various communities. If you have a bit more time, our “Curated Quick Possession” homes, thoughtfully designed with attractive floorplans and finishes, can be ready within six months. For those who desire a more personalized touch, our “Personalized Quick Possession” homes allow you to work with our interior design team to select floorplans and finishes that match your style, with a move-in timeframe of around eight months. Alternatively, if you seek a fully customized experience, our “Personalized Build” option lets you choose your lot, model, and interior styles with our professional team’s guidance, typically completed within a one-year timeframe. Whatever your preference, Cantiro has a home solution tailored to your needs.

  • We have a variety of different mortgage affordability calculators compatible with your bank of choice, to make finding your budget easy(What Can You Afford? | Cantiro Homes) After that feel free to take our “Find Your Home” Quiz, to see which homes are best suited for you(Life Collection Series Quiz | Cantiro Homes)

  • If you’re interested in exploring our show homes, we offer various options to suit your preferences. You can opt for a guided tour with one of our knowledgeable Area Managers for a comprehensive experience. Alternatively, our website provides Virtual Tours for convenient viewing.

    For those with a busy schedule, our Self-Guided Home Tours offer flexibility, allowing you to explore at your own pace during specified hours, including…

    • Weekdays from 10 am to 3 pm
    • Fridays from 3 pm to 8 pm,
    • Weekends/holidays from 10 am to 12 pm and 5 pm to 8 pm. (This option is particularly beneficial for those unable to visit during regular sales hours.)

    We strive to make discovering our beautiful show homes effortless and accommodating to your individual needs.

  • Get a feel for your potential new home by viewing Virtual Home Tours, Vlogs and Videos.

  • If you’re in the process of searching for a new home, utilizing the expertise of a professional Realtor® can greatly enhance your experience. Realtors® are dedicated to collaborating with you and your team to navigate the nuances of the new home market. Their goal is to ensure a seamless process by providing comprehensive information about floor plans, amenities, and neighbourhoods. If you have a Realtor® assisting you, encourage them to reach out for any questions or to schedule an appointment, as they play a crucial role in making your journey to homeownership a success.

  • If you refer a friend or family member to purchase a home built by Cantiro, you’ll be rewarded for your recommendation. As a Cantiro homeowner, you can enjoy a $1,000 cash reward if your referral purchases a townhome or lane home, and a $1,500 cash reward if they opt for a front-drive or three-storey single-family, premier collection, or custom home. What’s even more enticing is that the value of the referral reward will be matched in upgrades to the new purchaser’s home. The reward will be promptly paid within 30 days after the referred customer takes possession of their new home. *The referral program is offered at the discretion of Cantiro Homes and is subject to change without prior notice. The referral reward is subject to the validation and approval of Cantiro Homes ManagementPlease speak with an Area Sales Manager for complete details. Click Here

  • We have Show Homes available in the communities we build all over the Edmonton area! For an updated list of all of the options, please go to our show homes page to discover a fit that’s right for you (Show Homes in Edmonton, Spruce Grove & Leduc | Cantiro Homes) *Show home map

  • Take our “Find Your Home” Quiz, to see which homes are best suited for you(Life Collection Series Quiz | Cantiro Homes)


  • We offer a variety of different smart home features. Our Smart Thermostat not only looks great but also effortlessly connects to various devices, ensuring a seamless integration into your lifestyle. Additionally, the Smart Home Security System is a game-changer, complete with a doorbell camera, keyless door lock, and a Wi-Fi-enabled garage door. The best part? Everything is conveniently managed through a single hub and app.

    *Smart home features vary by location. Contact your local sales team for more information.

  • We are equipped with a range of energy-efficient features aimed at providing residents with a cleaner and more comfortable living experience while also promoting cost savings. These include…

    • Eco-friendly LED lighting
    • Low-E triple-pane windows throughout the home
    • Airtight insulation for effective temperature maintenance
    • Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) that reduces humidity, pollution, and odours while preheating fresh air.

    The homes are equipped with ENERGY STAR® rated equipment and appliances, are solar panel ready, and have third-party certification by certified energy-efficiency technicians. Each home receives an EnerGuide or ENERGY STAR certificate, ensuring that it is built to the highest standards of health, comfort, and energy efficiency. Click Here

  • We offer five curated interior styles, each boasting cohesive designer looks with premium finishes and top-tier brands. Beyond these styles, you can further personalize your home by choosing to Amplify, Define, or Enhance specific elements, allowing you to bring your dream space to life. Our Design Centre provides an added advantage with onsite samples and friendly design specialists, making the process seamless and ensuring every aspect of your home aligns perfectly with your lifestyle and personal style.

  • If you have questions or concerns during the construction of your new home with Cantiro, rest assured that you are in good hands. We have a dedicated Client Care Team committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction throughout the entire home-building process. Our construction staff will be there with you from the beginning, fostering open and effective communication at key phases of your home’s construction. Additionally, Cantiro arranges for extra Client Care staff to meet with you at crucial points, such as before possession, at the moment of possession, and even after you’ve settled into your new home. These follow-up meetings, occurring at the 2-month and 11-month marks after possession, highlight Cantiro’s ongoing commitment to your comfort and peace of mind. The company values your trust and strives to make every step of your homeownership experience as smooth as possible.

  • We ensure your home is free from deficiencies or issues through a dedicated commitment to quality in every aspect of the building process. They prioritize the use of skilled professionals, top-notch materials, and cutting-edge processes to guarantee that your home is constructed flawlessly from the start. By focusing on industry-leading processes and materials, Cantiro not only delivers a sleek design with smart features but also ensures seamless connectivity to various devices. Their homes go beyond the essentials, promising enduring beauty and satisfaction for even the most discerning designers. With a focus on minimizing operating and energy costs while maximizing overall value, Cantiro stands out in providing homes that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also built to the highest standards of quality and durability.

  • We have developed a diverse range of communities over the past two decades, extending a warm welcome to families in more than 30 locations in and around Edmonton. With a successful track record, we have effectively transformed over 7,000 acres of undeveloped land into vibrant and flourishing neighbourhoods. Our commitment to creating thriving communities is evident in the thoughtful planning and execution of each development, providing homes for numerous families and contributing to the overall growth and vitality of the region. For information about specific communities or our communities outside of Edmonton, please visit this link(Residential Community Developer | Cantiro Communities)


  • Cantiro Concierge is a complimentary service provided with every Cantiro Homes purchase starting from September 1. This service aims to alleviate the stress of moving by managing all the details, including scheduling, checklists, and reminders, as well as coordinating tasks like transferring utilities and setting up garbage services. The dedicated Cantiro Concierge assists in various aspects of the move, offering personalized advice and follow-ups in 11 languages. The centralized app experience allows seamless communication with the concierge and easy storage of important documents. Additionally, the concierge can help source vetted professionals for tasks like moving, cleaning, landscaping, and more, ensuring a smooth transition and ongoing support for homeowners.

  • Get peace of mind for your most important investment with the Alberta New Home Warranty Program. With over 45 years of experience, they offer homeowners like you protection before, during, and after construction. Backed by Canada’s first and most reputable new home warranty insurance providers, they assure coverage such as

    • Defects in materials and labour, including baseboards, flooring, and trim for the first year.
    • The next two years cover delivery and distribution systems, while a five-year plan includes the building envelope, protecting components like the roof and exterior walls.
    • Homebuilders can opt for an additional two years of coverage for the building envelope.
    • The program also provides a 10-year structural coverage for defects in the frame and foundation.

    Beyond the coverage, the Alberta New Home Warranty Program offers a secure Homeowner Portal for easy management of your warranty and support requests, along with personal and responsive service through phone or email. Count on them to assist with initiating and resolving claims, ensuring that if the unexpected happens, your new home is in good hands. For more information, visit Homeowner_Intro-to-ANHWP_2020-09_final_ENGLISH.pdf ( for the full brochure.

  • To maintain your Cantiro home as the seasons change, it’s essential to understand your home and its specific needs. Purchasing a new home is an exciting experience, and we want to ensure that your home remains efficient throughout the years. For guidance, explore their comprehensive Home Maintenance Resources to learn how to keep your home in optimal condition. Additionally, check out their Seasonal Resources to anticipate what to expect in your first season of home ownership. Delve deeper into the topic by reading their blogs, covering topics such as Spring Maintenance, Fall Maintenance Tips, and Winter Maintenance. These resources provide valuable insights and tips to help you navigate each season effectively, ensuring that your Cantiro home stays in top-notch condition year-round.


  • The Show Home Leaseback program offers a strategic investment opportunity with various benefits. Essentially, it involves purchasing a show home, which serves as a secure investment providing rental income while the property is leased as a show home. One key advantage is the limited construction in the vicinity, as show homes are typically among the first to be built. Additionally, these homes come professionally designed and decorated, reflecting the latest trends. Buyers also have the option to purchase the furniture if they’re enamored with the overall aesthetic. The program entails the leasing of the home, inclusive of utilities and maintenance, offering a steady income stream. With flexible possession dates and the prospect of mentioning the home’s show home status during resale, this program not only provides a unique investment avenue but also potential for enhanced resale value in the future. For more information, interested individuals are encouraged to reach out for additional details.

  • Investing in homes with secondary suites at Cantiro Homes can offer a range of benefits. These legal suites, complete with separate entries, not only provide extra income, but they also factor into future rent payments when calculating your mortgage. This can make the qualification process smoother and enhance overall affordability.

    As a homeowner, you’ll find that having a renter contributing to the mortgage helps build equity at a faster pace. Plus, the setup of these homes allows for multi-generational living, giving you the flexibility to accommodate extended family members while still maintaining privacy.

    For more in-depth information, you can check out our Investing 101 series

  • Multi-unit properties typically refer to multiple properties sharing walls with one another. These multi-unit or multi-lot blocks, commonly known as townhomes, can offer several advantages. One key benefit is the lower purchase price compared to single-family homes, making it accessible with a smaller down payment.

    These townhomes boast modern designs that appeal to potential tenants, ensuring a steady stream of passive income. The term “passive income” is significant, as it means earning money without actively working for it, providing a lucrative investment opportunity.

    Additionally, the low-maintenance features of these townhomes, including landscaping, translate to time and cost savings for investors. Whether it’s a fee-simple townhome or a condominium, these properties are designed for hassle-free living. The strategic locations of these townhomes near amenities, transportation, and schools further enhance their attractiveness to potential rental tenants, making them a smart investment choice.

  • We will always engage in strategic partnerships with investors, emphasizing a dual focus on profitability and sustained success, always keeping return on investment (ROI) at the forefront. However, the exact financial outcomes hinge on factors such as market conditions, property types, and various influencing elements. Rigorous research, encompassing community analysis, meticulous build processes, and property value evaluations, is undertaken to ensure positive results for both investors and the ongoing prosperity of Cantiro as a leading home builder and developer.