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West Block Retail & Office Space

142 Street & Stony Plain Road | Edmonton

West Block is a stunning 3.5-acre, mixed-use project that brings together a unique mix of residential, retail and office spaces.

  • Located on the prominent West Edmonton corner of 142 Street and Stony Plain Road, offering high exposure to downtown commuter traffic
  • Designed around a central urban square, creating unique patio and public space with heated concrete encouraging outdoor use year round
  • Mass Timber GLT Construction promotes sustainability (decreased carbon footprint compared to concrete) and elevated aesthetics
  • Pedestrian and transit-oriented development, with a planned stop for the future Valley Line West LRT
  • Phase 1 boasts 60 high-end residential condos and over 200 office and professional employees on site



  • Main floor premium retail bays available immediately, ranging from 800 sf  to 2,600 sf
  • Targeting local and boutique retailers, restaurants and services


  • All office space is currently leased

Estimated Population Within 5KM (2019)


Average Household Income Within 1KM


Total Daytime Population Within 5KM


Primary Trade Area Annual Expenditures Per Household


The Affluent Achievers Trade Area

These are some of the most financially successful people in Edmonton with an average household income in excess of $150,000. A high proportion are very well educated and employed in managerial and professional occupations or many own their own business. Incomes are well above average. They are healthy, wealthy and confident consumers.

Square One

The West Block Retailer’s Advantage

West Block is designed to transform this corner with all of its locational benefits to become the new hub of activity in Glenora. Capitalizing on the high density residential and office employees, retailers are poised to serve this new marketplace and neighboring Glenora residents, workers, and visitors.

Synergy Boardroom

Professional Office Spaces

Once you’re living in West Block, life would be even easier if you located your office here too. The convenient location in the heart of Glenora means that downtown is just a stone’s throw away, and soon even simpler to access with the planned LRT stop at its doorstep, which will make commuting for your staff even easier.


An Unparalleled Office Experience

Here, surrounded by the beauty of West Block’s urban square, upscale dining, boutiques and services, this is a distinctive business lifestyle that is tailored to your company’s needs and future growth. Immerse your business into this vibrant and energized community.

See the employee and customer conveniences that give back the precious resource of time to simplify the day with abundant amenities both onsite and nearby – all providing your company with valuable lifestyle to help your company recruit and retain the best talent.

Now it’s time to get down to business

Here, your business can enjoy all the luxuries that come with operating in a large, modern environment while catering to a diverse set of customers. Surrounded by the beauty of West Block’s urban square, upscale dining, boutiques and services, your business can count itself among the most prestigious. All this is designed to help turn the workday into a business lifestyle experience unlike anything else. West Block truly is where business meets pleasure.

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