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June 17, 2021

Cantiro Homes Launches Life Collection™

By Cantiro Homes

Cantiro Homes is excited to announce the launch of The Life Collection™ — 21 new single-family homes meticulously designed with how you live at the centre of every decision, with each home created to support your family’s lifestyle.

The concept of the Life Collection all started with a human need – the need for homes that are designed to support how your family moves throughout the day.

To accomplish this, our team designed this collection in a way that has never been done before. The design process started with a deep understanding of how different families live in their homes.

Once we had outlined the needs of each family style, we created a dedicated team of cutting-edge architects, procurement managers, construction experts, and experienced designers who spent over a year to develop a line of home that beautifully address these specific lifestyles.

The Life Collection includes three distinct home series, each tailored to what matters most to you in your home:

Family Series is all about simplifying family life and allowing members more time to spend with their loved ones. A few of the key features where extra attention was paid includes:

          • A functional family entrance & storage to get everyone in and out of the house with ease and to keep everyone’s belongings organized
          • Large open kitchens with effortless flow
          • Larger secondary bedrooms to allow for each member their own space or homework area

Career Series is designed for those who strike a balance between work life and home life. They’re dedicated to their multiple roles they play but aren’t afraid to reward themselves. Some of the key features include:

          • A luxurious primary ensuite with dual sinks & built-in vanity so everyone has space to get ready quickly the morning, and a free-standing soaker tub and fully tiled shower to unwind after a long day
          • Oversized primary suite with large dressing rooms for seamless mornings
          • Flexible workspaces and home offices to allow for uninterrupted focus

Entertain Series are for those who love to host and places the experience of their guest at the forefront. Key features of this series include:

          • Open guest reception areas with ample storage to allow you to welcome your guests with a great first impression
          • Kitchens with tons of counterspace that make cooking and serving your guests effortless
          • Large dining areas to host your amazing dinner parties

Each series adheres to a list of special features that enhance the values of each family segment and every square inch of the home has been rethought and designed to support how each family lives to make their lives amazing.

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Family Series

Family Series is designed to simplify busy family life and allow for more memorable moments shared together. These homes are for the family that needs extra space for all their activities and equipment. For those who share both sit down dinners and grab-and-go breakfasts. If you’re ready to reduce the chaos and make more time for fun with the ones you love, choose a Family Series home.

Explore our Family Series Models below:

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Career Series

Career Series is designed for those who strike a balance between their work life and family life. For families that deal with the hustle of getting out the door at the same time but want to come home to spaces that help them focus and unwind. If you give your all into your career and aren’t afraid to reward yourself for your efforts, a Career Series home is for you.

Explore our Career Series Models below:

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Entertain Series

Entertain Series is designed for those who love to host. For those who put their guests first and take joy in creating amazing culinary experiences and unforgettable moments together. Your Entertain Series home will make an indelible impression for your guests—and create countless memories for your friends & family.

Explore our Career Series Models below:

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Explore The Life Collection

The 21 models range from 1533 – 2458 square feet and are available in the following communities:

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