Single Family, Duplex and Townhomes in
Spruce Grove

Kenton Village offers you choice, and it’s no easy one: Alquinn Homes, Bedrock Homes, Cami Comfort Homes, Cantiro Homes, or San Rufo Homes. Prices from the mid $300,000s. Click here for Stage 1 , Stage 2, and Stage 3 Architectural Guidelines.

Prairie Modern

These modern architectural homes feature sweeping horizontal lines and a wide-open floor plan. With beautiful accents like overhanging eaves, rows of small windows and a central chimney – it might be a challenge not to make guests feel a little envious.

Contemporary Modern

Contemporary, modern, sleek and elegant in every possible way, these inspiring homes with their continuous flowing spaces encourage you to curate your home for your lifestyle. The array of materials used make for a home that embraces modern patterns of living.

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Front-Drive Single Family Homes


Front-Drive Single Family Homes in Kenton Village

Duplexes in Kenton Village

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