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Cantiro Homes works with many individuals who use new homes as part of their investment portfolios. We are happy to discuss how our homes could help you build your investments.

Buying a Show Home is a Smart Investment

Cantiro Homes offers a unique investment opportunity that gives you secure rental income while we lease your new home as a show home.

Contact the sales team at the show home for more details.

Look for “Leaseback Opportunity” Show Homes that are eligible

Show Homes

Why buy a Show Home?

  • We Pay You
    We lease the home from you for the life of the show home including all utilities and maintenance.
  • Less Construction Nearby
    Show homes are usually one of the first house to be built… so when you move in, the area is pretty much complete.
  • Professionally Designed & Decorated
    Our professional design team has done all the work for you – reflecting the latest trends and making everything look just right.
  • Furniture Purchase Option
    If you’ve fallen in love with the whole look and feel of the home, you have the option of buying the furniture too!
  • Flexible Possession Dates
    We give you lots of advance notice of when the show home will be ready for possession.
  • Resale Value
    When you are ready to sell, mentioning that your home was a show home in the listing usually means you get a better resale value over others.

Secondary/Basement Suites

Many of our home plans can accommodate a basement suite with a separate entrance.

  • CMHC allows 100% of the secondary suite rental income to be used to qualify for a mortgage, making your home more affordable.
  • Secondary suites are eligible for the City of Edmonton’s Cornerstone II Grant that funds up to $20,000. Some restrictions apply.
  • Rental income lowers your monthly payments.


Check out our Cantiro Townhomes to see what we have to offer for investment options:

  • Prices of townhome are substantially lower than that of a single family home.
  • They have the potential to bring in great rental income.
  • The property manager takes care of landscaping and snow removal.
  • Our townhomes are located in great areas near amenities, transportation and schools – a huge plus to attract rental tenants.
  • Our townhomes have modern designs and features that are attractive to potential tenants for a great price.


Similar to Townhomes, duplexes offer many investment benefits including, if you live in one side and rent out the other:

  • You can use potential rental income to qualify for a mortgage.
  • Rental income lowers your monthly payments
  • You’re always close by to monitor the condition.
  • Today’s duplexes are specially designed to maximize space and minimize noise transfer – it’s hard to tell that you’re not in a detached home.

Multi-Unit or Multi-Lot Blocks

We can work with investor clients to find multiple units within communities.

We’re Open to New Ideas

Contact us if you have questions or other ideas on the type of investment opportunity that could be right for you. We’re always happy to talk.

Contact us if you have questions or other ideas on the type of investment opportunity that could be right for you. We’re always happy to talk.

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