Find Your Perfect Family Home

What does your family look like and what do you need to support your family makeup?

  • We have young kids, so having a kitchen near the back of the house is important to watch them play in the backyard or in the living room.
  • We have elementary-aged kids. We need spacious mudrooms to get in & out efficiently, homework stations on main floor and a functional kitchen for meal prep
  • Our kids are in Junior/Senior High. We need larger bedrooms, a spacious family room and storage for all our sports equipment
  • Kids are in our future

How do you need your home to function?

  • We need to get the whole family in and out of the house smoothly and efficiently for work, school, and extracurricular activities.
  • Family time with the immediate comes first. Life is busy, but we prioritize spending quality time together.
  • Each member needs our own space to focus on their activities.
  • We’re often the “home away from home” for our extended family and need enough space to host them.
  • Your work and home lives are starting to take off and you need a home to help you build a foundation for an amazing life.
  • Your family is growing and you need a home that offers a flexible layout.

When you visualize your kitchen it:

  • Features a walk-through pantry that allows for easy access when bringing groceries in from the car
  • Is functional and gives a view of the great room where all the family activities happen
  • Is all about efficiency – two eating bars for quick meal prep and great conversation
  • Makes meal prep a fun and memorable group activity that results in dinners for 10 people or more

What feature does your home need?

  • A large dining space for hosting extended family for dinner.
  • A main floor den for hosting overnight guests. I would consider converting the main floor half bath into a full bathroom to make their stay as comfortable as possible.
  • Everyone should have their own space to focus on their activities or have some time alone

What else do you we need to know about you:

  • Laundry is ongoing in your home and you a need extra space to make it feel more enjoyable and less like a chore
  • You need more room in the mudroom and storage close by for all your toys
  • You shop in bulk for efficiency and need a large pantry