Find Your Perfect Entertain Home

When you envision your dream home, it’s the ideal place to host:

  • A formal 3-course dinner in a large, dedicated dining space for up to 14 guests
  • A free-flowing party with a variety of entertainment spaces for guests to eat, drink, and mingle
  • An intimate dinner party with thought-provoking conversation for a small group of interesting people
  • An informal gathering with a wide range of activities from board games, to karaoke nights, a watch party for the latest movie or to piano sing-a-longs

When you think of your ideal eating arrangement, you picture a:

  • Dinner party with all your friends seated around a large table
  • Cocktails and appetizers laid out for your guests to enjoy as they mix and mingle
  • It’s about the fun we have together, not about the food

On a typical weekday evening, you and your family usually:

  • Eat a meal together at the dinner table
  • Dine wherever is most convenient whether it be on the couch, at the island, or breakfast bar

When it comes to entertaining, your dream kitchen is:

  • A flexible space that shifts between being the place for serving drinks and appetizers, preparing food, and post-dinner conversation
  • Where dinner is prepared, separate from other entertaining areas to heighten the anticipation and presentation for your guests
  • The centre of the party, complete with 2 eating bars where your guests can watch you whip up your specialties
  • An open and connected space that’s always a part of the action

What type of events are you most excited to host?

  • Large, formal holiday dinners and celebrations like Thanksgiving or Christmas
  • Finely crafted and Instagram-worthy dinners where presentation is key
  • Casual gatherings to cheer on our home team or host a karaoke party
  • Cocktail parties or informal events where guests can mingle

When your guests arrive, you want them to:

  • Be a part of the party from the moment they walk in with ample space for the coats and shoes
  • A formal reception in a beautiful foyer. They are greeted at the doorway and given space to put away their coats and shoes before joining the bustle of the party