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Self-Guided Home Tour Instructions


Once you have found the home you want to tour on our website, select the green ‘Self Tour Now’ button, then follow these three steps to book your Self-Guided Home Tour.

Click Here for answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

choose date and time for tour

Step 1

Register and schedule your tour – for whenever it’s convenient for you!

First-time visitors will need to create an account, while repeat visitors can login using their existing email address and password.

Next you will choose the date and time to tour the home. If multiple homes are available for a Self-Guided Home Tour, a button will appear entitled ‘ADD MORE HOMES TO TOUR’.

accept terms and conditions

Step 2

The additional homes will appear at the bottom of the screen and you can proceed with checking the boxes to add these homes to your Self-Guided Home Tour.

You can book up to three (3) tours for homes that have 30-minute tour durations. Once you have selected the additional homes to tour, you will select ‘CONTINUE’ and proceed with the remaining required steps to schedule your Self-Guided Home Tour.

let us know your reason for touring

Step 3

Let us know your reason for touring so we can better serve you!

Tour Confirmation

Once the tour has been scheduled, you will receive an email and a text message with one entry code to access one or multiple homes in your Self-Guided Home Tour reservation.

Additionally, the tour confirmation page will indicate the one-time entry access code, date, and time of the tour, as well as the number of homes within the reservation. You can add this detail to your calendar with an easy click of a button!

Arrive at the home during your scheduled time. Enjoy your tour!

Start Scheduling Your Self-Guided Home Tour Today!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Cantiro’s Self-Guided Tours are run on the UTour platform for identity verification and scheduling.

  • Visitors provide a photo of the front and back of their identification card as well as a photo of themselves. Additionally, visitors are required to verify through their mobile devices. This information is sent into a secure form that is verified by industry leading which confirms the identification within their encrypted system so neither Cantiro nor UTour has any ID data at any time.

    Visitors only verify their identity once when they initially create an account prior to scheduling their first tour. Registered visitors will not need to repeat the identity verification process for future tours.

  • Providing photo I.D allows us to verify the visitor’s identity before scheduling a tour. UTour does not retain the visitor’s information after their identity has been verified.

  • Visitors are not charged for touring a home and UTour does not retain the visitor’s information after their identity has been verified.

    However, your own financial institution or bank may temporarily place a hold or small charge on your credit card (typically under $2 CAD) when your credit card information is provided via the identity verification process that should be refunded within 48 hours.

    Unfortunately, this is not a setting controlled by UTour or Cantiro Homes but rather the bank itself. Most banks do this instantaneously and no amount ever shows up on an account.

  • In rare instances, your credit card may be rejected.

    In a majority of cases, this is due to incorrect information being entered—from your credit card number being entered incorrectly to the address entered not being an exact match to the address listed on your credit card account.

    We advise you to please:

    1. Review all of your credit card information for verification purposes and to try again. In rare instances, even one incorrect letter, number, or punctuation change could result in verification being rejected. Financial institutions can be extremely particular in how addresses need to be entered but this is to ensure your financial information is kept as secure as possible.
    2. Try a different credit card (where possible) or contact for further assistance.

    In the meantime, you are welcome to schedule a private appointment at any time for the desired show home of your choice.