January 27, 2017

The New Beaverbrook Wellness Centre

By Cantiro Homes

Dolce Vita’s sister company, Beaverbrook is thrilled to open the Beaverbrook Wellness Centre in partnership with Parkland School Division, City of Spruce Grove, Province of Alberta and the YMCA of Northern Alberta.

The facility represents a collaborative and successful partnership with two levels of government: a progressive school division and a like-minded, not-for-profit, which will enhance the lives of Spruce Grove residents and reduce the waiting time for working families looking for child care.

The Beaverbrook Wellness Centre is within walking distance of Greenbury, adjacent to the new K-9 Prescott Learning Centre.

YMCA Beaverbrook Child Care Services

The YMCA Beaverbrook Child Care Centre will server over 160 children in the community. The 10,700 sq.ft. YMCA facility will include dedicated space for infant, pre-school, pre-kinder an after school activity rooms for K-6 children. Located at the rear of the Wellness Centre will be a walkway that is a direct link to the Prescott K-9 Learning Centre which provides immediate and safe passage for children.

Visit these resources for more information on federal and provincial child care subsidies:

Those families who wish to make a reservation for the YMCA Child Care Centre should email YMCA at ccinterest@northernalberta.ymca.ca with the headline “Beaverbrook”.