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February 27, 2024

Benefits of Buying a Pre-Sale Home: Why Cantiro Homes Makes it Easy and Convenient!

By Cantiro Homes

Are you in the market for a new home? If so, you’ve probably come across the term “pre-sale” or “now pre-selling” during your search. But what exactly does it mean, and why should you consider buying a pre-sale home? 

In this blog post, we’ll explore the primary benefits of choosing a pre-sale home – or what we call a “Personalized Build” – and how Cantiro Homes makes the process easy and convenient for prospective homeowners like you. 

So, What Exactly is a Personalized Build?

Essentially, a Personalized Build is a property that is available for purchase before it’s even constructed. This means that buyers have the opportunity to secure a home in a new development or community before it’s completed or ready for move-in. It’s a bit like buying a ticket for a movie before it’s released – you’re getting in early and often at a lower price. 


Customization: One of the most significant benefits of buying a Personalized Build is the ability to customize it to your preferences. Cantiro Homes offers various floor plans and interior style options as well as Personalization Packagesallowing you to Amplify, Define, or Enhance your home to create the space you’ve been dreaming of. This also means you get to choose which lot, size of yard and house orientation is important to you. 

Peace of Mind: With Cantiro Homes, you can rest assured knowing that your new home is backed by a reputable builder, who goes above and beyond to create an environment for amazing lives to happen. From the initial planning stages to the final walkthrough, Cantiro prioritizes transparency, communication, and attention to detail, ensuring a smooth and stress-free home buying experience. Plus, this gives you additional time to save up and put aside some of the closing costs you need. 

Investment Potential: As the property appreciates in value during the construction process and once it’s completed, you stand to gain equity over time. Whether you plan to live in the home long-term or sell it for a profit in the future, buying a Personalized Build can be a smart financial decision.

What is the payment structure like for a Personalized Build?

The down payment requirement for properties under $650K is 5%, as mandated by the Government of Canada, which applies to the first $500K of the purchase price and 10% on the remaining amount. For properties exceeding $650K, the down payment is set at 10%.

Let’s talk progress payments! These are payments you make as your dream home takes shape, tied to exciting construction milestones. With Cantiro, we aim to make things easy. Opting for completion mortgage financing means no additional progress payments; it’s all taken care of! This is also the case if you choose draw mortgage financing – we’ll handle the draw interest payment until you get the keys to your new home!

Lastly, Cantiro provides pre-possession insurance for homebuyers. This means, Cantiro purchases deposit protection for clients, which covers up to $50,000 under the Alberta New Home Warranty Deposit Protection program.

Elevate Your Home Living Experience 

Take advantage of the opportunity to secure your future today with a Personalized Build and discover how we make it easy for you at every stage. Explore our available models, then connect with our Sales Team to learn more about our current pre-sale home options!