March 30, 2016

West Block Glenora

By Cantiro Homes

This week an Edmonton Journal story authored by David Staples outlined the class, character and integrity displayed by Beaverbrook Developments CEO, George Cantalini in dealing with previous customers of a defunct condo development his company acquired through their infill division In-House.

Eight customers of the failed development that had lost over $865,000 in deposits to the previous owners were refunded 100% of their money by Mr. Cantalini as an act of good faith and to give his development a clear record moving forward.

We just thought it was the cleanest and right thing to do. And, if we’re that good to them, they might come back and buy from us.

George Cantalini, CEO, Beaverbrook Developments

The new development called West Block, will take five to seven years to complete with the first condos going on sale this April.

Dolce Vita Homes is the new home division of Beaverbook Developments and these actions illustrate why our companies enjoy such an excellent reputation for customer service and community goodwill and why Mr. Cantilini is considered a leader in our industry. 

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